TourApps is designed and built using the latest Microsoft technology. Microsoft is one of the world's leading suppliers of relational database technologies and without doubt represents a stable and reliable platform for development. A pure Microsoft development strategy also insures against interoperability issues that, even in the open systems environment of today, is a painful fact of life as vendors struggle to keep pace with the leading edge.

Relational technology ensures that data is entered once and once only but thereafter is available throughout the application. Likewise, changes made to data are applied globally once committed to the database.

TourApps offers a full multi-tier architecture allowing the support of relatively low specification PCs (thin clients), running browser software, to be deployed throughout an organisation thereby reducing costs and increasing network performance.

  • Future proofing
  • Data integrity
  • Scalability
  • Secure application development environment
  • Supportability
  • Multi platform support
  • Open systems compliance